Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Robert N. Charette

Dr. Robert N. Charette is a co-founder and Managing Director of the Decision Empowerment Institute (DEI). He is an internationally acknowledged authority and advisor on enterprise risk management and the relationship of risk to corporate and governmental decision making and entrepreneurship. He is recognized for his unique, pioneering systemic approaches to assessing and managing business, financial and technical risk, and how to profit from risk. For over 40 years, he has been providing consulting, coaching, and training in a wide variety of global industries, including aerospace, computing, petrochemicals, telecommunications, venture capital as well as civil government and defense. Dr. Charette’s several classic and highly-cited books and numerous national award-winning articles and papers on the subjects of managing risk and decision making have influenced government, defense and commercial organizations’ risk management and innovation policies, standards and practices around the world.

Dr. Robert N Charette


Brian W. Hagen

Dr. Brian W. Hagen is a cofounder and Managing Director of the Decision Empowerment Institute (DEI).  He is the winner of the “Risk Innovator of the Year Award” by Risk & Insurance Magazine for the PRO Enterprise Management Methodology.  Dr. Hagen has been a practicing decision and risk consultant for over 30 years providing consulting, coaching, and training to more than 30 corporations in the Fortune 200 and numerous mid-size corporations for the automotive, biotech, defense, energy, enterprise applications, high-tech, information and media, oil, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals industries.  He is the author of Problem, Risk, and Opportunity Enterprise Management (2018), the coauthor of Decision Empowerment: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Good Decision Makers (2007), and the coauthor of Solving the Corporate Value Enigma (2003). As an Adjunct Professor within the Finance Department of California State University, Fullerton he teaches the graduate course on enterprise risk management (ERM).

Dr. Hagen holds a Ph.D. in Management Science from Stanford University with specialization in decision and risk analysis.  He also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics from California State University, Fullerton.

Dr. Brian W Hagen