Narrative-Based Analytics

Research in cognitive psychology has concluded that we all make decisions based on our beliefs and that the best way to impact our beliefs is through narratives, not just numbers and statistics. Understanding this, one of our partners, Brian Hagen, created a class of mathematically rigorous yet straightforward analytics that is based on the use of narratives and numbers and statistics. In fact, he recently published a book on this breakthrough approach that has been applied to hundreds of applications across many industries. We have a software application that enables the translation of narratives into financial outcomes that makes the whole process efficient.

The PRO Dilemma

If you own a plan or budget, you own a continuously evolving portfolio of (P) Problems, (R) Risks, and (O) Opportunities. The PRO Dilemma you constantly face—which problems, risks, and opportunities should you pursue at this point in time based on best value to the enterprise? PRO Enterprise Management methods and analytics resolves the PRO Dilemma.

PRO and Risk Management Software Solutions

PRO-Prospector is the only decision and risk analytics solution that provides a rigorous and mathematically sound return on investment (ROI) measures across the spectrum of corporate decision making which includes decisions regarding:

  • Resolution of problems (P);
  • Mitigation of risks (R); and,
  • Capturing of opportunities (O).

Remarkable to this software solution is it can all be done in as little as thirty minutes.